Measuring pressures, temperatures, and flows effectively, accurately, and economically are the hallmarks of Honeywell field instruments. This comprehensive range of technically advanced field instruments offers major advantages for improving your process, complying with regulations and attaining high-quality standards. In addition, the life cycal costs of buying and maintaining these sturdy instruments are lower than other comparable products. Honeywell instruments supply the precise field measurements that keep a process performing and its peak, producing high-quality products.
Pressure: ST 2000 Gauge and Absolute Pressure Transmitters 34-ST-03-78
Pressure: ST 2500 Gauge and Absolute Pressure Transmitters 34-ST-03-79
Pressure: ST 3000 Series 100 Specifications  
  Series 100 Differential Pressure Models 34-ST-03-60
  Series 100 Absolute Pressure Models 34-ST-03-61
  Series 100 Gage Pressure Models 34-ST-03-62
  Series 100 Flange-Mounted Liquid Level Models 34-ST-03-63
  Series 100 Remote Diaphragm Seal Models 34-ST-03-64
  Series 100 For High temperature GP Models 34-ST-03-70
Pressure: ST 3000 Series 900 Specifications  
  Series 900 Differential Pressure Models 34-ST-03-65
  Series 900 Absolute Pressure Models 34-ST-03-66
  Series 900 Gauge Pressure Models 34-ST-03-67
  Series 900 Flush Mount Model STG93P 34-ST-03-73
  Series 900 Models 34-ST-03-74
  Series 900 Remote Diaphragm Seal Models 34-ST-03-57
  Series 900 Flange Liquid Level Models 34-ST-03-68
Pressure: ST3000 Fieldbus Option  
  Fieldbus Pressure Transmitter 34-ST-03-72
Pressure: ST3000 3-A Sanitary Flange Mount and Sanitary Remote Seal  
  3-A Sanitary Flange Mount and Sanitary Remote Seal Models 34-ST-03-26
Smart Multivariable Transmitter Specification  
  SMV3000 Smart Multivariable Flow Transmitter 34-SM-03-01
Temperature Products Specifications  
  Series STT 150 Programmable Temperature Transmitter 34-TT-03-04
  Series STT250 Smart Temperature Transmitter EN0I-6031
  Series STT250/150 Surge Protection Device EN2I-6061
  Series STT 250 Dual Input STT25T EN0I-6091
  Series STT350 and STT35F EN0I-5222
  Guide to Temperature Sensors and Thermowells for STT 3000 and SMV 3000 Transmitters 34-44-29-01
H2Oil Analyzer System Specifications  
  H2Oil Analyzer System 70-82-03-41
Tools Specifications  
  SFC Smart Field Communicator—Model STS103 34-ST-03-55
  SCT 3000 Smartline Configuration Toolkit 34-CT-03-02
  MC Toolkit 34-ST-03-76
XYR 5000 Transmitters Specifications  
  WG510/WA510 Wireless Gauge and Absolute Pressure Transmitters 34-XY-01-01
  WG530 Wireless Temperature Transmitters 34-XY-01-02
  WN571 Wireless Acoustic Transmitters 34-XY-01-03
  WI550 Wireless Analog Input Transmitters 34-XY-01-04
  Wireless Base Radio 34-XY-01-05
  Wireless Management Toolkit 34-XY-01-06